Guest Post- Katherine

Authenticity- to be your “true self.” Our culture loves to put emphasis on self. “Do things that make YOU happy. Never compromise anything for YOUR dreams.” Society tell us to “be yourself.” Yet society doesn’t know what makes each person him or herself. Our identity, our entire being, is created and sustained by God. Scripture says we are made in His image, so authenticity  can really only ever be met in those moments when our flesh reflects Jesus’ love, wisdom, and goodness. We are never our “true selves” until Jesus’ character is reproduced in us- meaning we NEED the Holy Spirit to ever be authentic. Ironic how the only way to find yourself is to completely lose it, and be filled with our beautiful Maker.
I think instead of asking ourselves, “How can I be more authentic,” we can ask ourselves, “Who is God calling me to be? Who is God calling me to serve? How can my gifts be used for HIs glory?” These questions will better lead us to live the authentic lifestyle. Authenticity is valued because it is real, honest, and true. But the fact is that we humans can never achieve this on our own. Romans 3 says, “None is righteous,” “no one understands,” “no one seeks God,” and “no one does good.” See, our flesh works against authenticity. We only seek to benefit ourselves when we are apart from God- even the “good” things we do are wasted if not done for the kingdom. Our love, our works, our service, our friendship…all is only made righteous by our faith. We are stamped with authenticity when we stop doing things for “OURSELVES” and start pursuing, mirroring, and loving like Jesus.
-Katherine, 25

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