About the Author


Hey there, I’m glad you’re here. Welcome. I hope that you leave feeling encouraged, uplifted, connected, and even filled with some laughter after reading this blog.

I guarantee you that on this blog there will be testimonies of challenges & celebrations that God walks me through, and will also be filled with coffee-fueled confessions and pictures of my cat, Ziggy.

Secondly, and most importantly, is that this blog is a place where I get to share my passion for authenticity with you! Being fearlessly authentic can be hard in the world we live in today, especially when we are always being encouraged (a.k.a. pressured) to compare and conform. I’m surrounded by people every day who are broken, hurting, and have never been told that God made each one of you unique and wonderful and amazing and fierce and passionate and…I could go on forever! But God made you to be a mighty daughter/son of the King who lives in a way that defies the world and honors Him- no matter what others think.

On this blog you’ll not only hear my story (and struggles!) of living fearlessly authentic, but you’ll also get glimpses of my job, my dreams, my funny stories, and sometimes even my heartbreak. I want you to feel like you just pulled up a comfy chair with a good cup of coffee and your best gal pal (me) and we just had a little chat, one that left you feeling encouraged, empowered, and refreshed.

What I’m hoping for this blog is for it to not just be a blog. I want it be a platform that connects people all over the world through Jesus’ name and the common striving towards being the truest version of ourselves that God created us to be.

So please read, comment, share, follow, enjoy, and be encouraged in the faith 🙂

With vulnerability comes strength. – Love, J

‘The pursuit of a genuine faith requires that we, with vulnerability and honesty, open ourselves to Christ, anticipating growth that takes us out of our comfort zone.”